Impossible Sausage will be available to any restaurant that wants it

On top of that, Impossible Foods says its Impossible Sausage product is now available at 30 of America’s top diners as ranked by Yelp. These are the first independently owned restaurants to offer Impossible Sausage (Previously, the only two businesses to offer Impossible Sausage were Burger King and Starbucks). 

The diners were chosen based on the number of reviews they have, as well as their ratings. They include Champs Diner in Brooklyn, New York, Daily Eats in Tampa, Florida, and Beach Break Cafe in Oceanside, California (We’ll include the full list of 30 diners below). All diners have agreed to participate in the Impossible Sausage campaign and have listed their businesses as currently open, either for dine-in, delivery or takeout. 

“Plant-based meat has experienced a significant rise in consumer interest on Yelp as we’ve seen a 140% increase in review mentions of ‘plant-based’ over the past two years,” said Yelp trend expert, Tara Lewis, in a press release. “In fact, Impossible Burger was one of Yelp’s biggest food trends in 2019, and we don’t see that slowing down anytime soon.”

The rollout of Impossible Sausage is similar in pattern to the Impossible Burger; the only way to have it, at least for now, is through a restaurant. And then, eventually, the company might move to selling the Impossible Sausage in grocery stores like it has the Impossible Burger. 

It’s worth mentioning that the Impossible Sausage is slightly different from the Impossible Pork product announced earlier this year. Though both products are designed to replace pork in your diet, the Sausage product was spiced and made in a way that closely resembles the typical breakfast sausage. The Impossible Pork product, on the other hand, is more of a blank canvas that can be used in any ground pork application. 

Here is Yelp’s list of the 30 top diners in the country that will be serving Impossible Sausage:

Little Richard’s Family Diner — North Pole, Alaska

Little Anthony’s Diner — Tucson, Arizona

Beach Break Cafe — Oceanside, California

Broadway Diner — Middletown, Delaware

Boynton Diner — Boynton Beach, Florida

Daily Eats — Tampa, Florida

Little Duck Diner — Savannah, Georgia

Oxbow Diner — Bliss, Idaho

Gallery Pastry Shop — Indianapolis, Indiana

Drake Diner — Des Moines, Iowa

D. Nalley’s — Louisville, Kentucky

Miss Portland Diner — Portland, Maine

The Diner at 11 North Beacon — Watertown, Massachusetts

Al’s Breakfast — Minneapolis, Minnesota

Brent’s Drugs — Jackson, Mississippi

Union Diner — Laconia, New Hampshire

Marlboro Diner — Englishtown, New Jersey

Plaza Cafe (Downtown and Southside locations) — Santa Fe, New Mexico

Champs Diner — Brooklyn, New York

The Dive N — Pineville, North Carolina

Canal Street Diner — Bolivar, Ohio

Addi’s Diner — Springfield, Oregon

Cafe Lift — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Early Bird Diner — Charleston, South Carolina

Inskip Grill — Knoxville, Tennessee

Maple Leaf Diner — Dallas, Texas

Ruth’s Diner — Salt Lake City, Utah

Bob’s Diner — Manchester Center, Vermont

Anchor Allie’s — Virginia Beach, Virginia

Fare Well — Washington D.C