Meet Eric Adams’s Inner Circle

Ingrid P. Lewis-Martin, deputy Brooklyn borough president

Ms. Lewis-Martin has worked with Mr. Adams for years, including as his chief of staff when he was a state senator, and now as his deputy in Brooklyn Borough Hall. She is regarded in some corners as fiercely protective of that relationship and of her role in Mr. Adams’s world — a dynamic that can at times cause friction, according to some who have dealt with her. But she is seen as having Mr. Adams’s ear and is likely to join his administration.

Katie Moore, campaign manager

Ms. Moore was the political director of the Hotel Trades Council, a powerful union that represents hotel workers and whose endorsement was critical for Mr. Adams. Mr. Adams respects her political savvy and calm demeanor, and she could join him at City Hall.

Frank Carone, prominent lawyer and Adams confidant

Mr. Carone, a longtime counsel to the Brooklyn Democratic Party with a reputation as an old-school power broker, has been an ally of Mr. de Blasio’s. He is politically influential, though some of his dealings over the years have drawn scrutiny. He has been a key donor, adviser and friend to Mr. Adams — Mr. Adams has worked out of office space belonging to Mr. Carone’s firm, an arrangement that Mr. Adams had to account for during the campaign.

Tracey Collins, his longtime partner

A former school principal, Ms. Collins is a high-ranking official at the city’s Department of Education. Ms. Collins, who co-owns an apartment in Fort Lee, N.J., with Mr. Adams, has not appeared with him on the campaign trail and is unlikely to join him at Gracie Mansion if he is elected. But she is his most important adviser on schools, and Mr. Adams published a book last year about their plant-based diet.

Jordan Coleman, his son

Mr. Adams is close with his 25-year-old son. Mr. Coleman has lived at times with his father in Brooklyn, where he studied for a master’s degree at Brooklyn College. Mr. Adams asks his son for advice about what is important to younger New Yorkers.

Vito R. Pitta, lawyer and lobbyist

Mr. Pitta, a lawyer for the Adams campaign, is a partner at the law firm Pitta LLP and works for a lobbying firm that has lobbied Mr. Adams on behalf of clients — an arrangement that has been criticized by government watchdogs.

Matthew Rey, political strategist

A partner at Red Horse Strategies with roots in New York politics, Mr. Rey advised Mr. Adams and was well regarded — even by rival campaigns — as a numbers expert, with a background in political targeting and strategy.